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AMI Hotel Tromsø - Bed & Breakfast Tromsø
Skolegata 24,
N-9008 Tromsø,

Phone: +47 776 21000
Fax: +47 776 21001

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photo gallery AMI Hotel Tromsø
photo gallery AMI Hotel Tromsø
photo gallery AMI Hotel Tromsø
photo gallery AMI Hotel Tromsø

Going out in Tromsø

Restaurants, bars, pubs and cafés

Hotell Tromsø, Hotel Tromsø, AMI Hotel

Tromsø has a reputation as the no. 1 place to go out in Northern Norway!

Here is a list of restaurants, cafés, bars, pubs and the like in Tromsø:


  Steakers_ami hotel-hotell-TromsoSteakers_front_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Steakers Tromsø

Fredrik Langes gate 13, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. +47 77 61 33 30

Located on the quayside between Rica Ishavshotel and Clarion Bryggen Hotel with a good view of Troms’s inner harbour.
This is an American-inspired restaurant, with the interior based on the 1930s in Chicago.
Steakers has a capacity for 140 guests, a separate function room seating 10-50, a bar (fully licensed) and is the ideal place for a corporate dinner, celebrating a big day or a simple and cosy dinner with friends and family.

Opening hours:
Mon-Sat :3pm-11pm

Sun: 2pm-10pm

  skarven_ami hotel-hotell-Tromsoskarven_luftfoto_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Vertshuset Skarven

Strandtorget 1, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. +47 77 60 07 20

Popular meeting place in Tromsø, known for outdoor dining on the quayside (summer). This is the place to eat exotic light meals accompanied by a good drink.

  Biffhus_ami hotel-hotell-TromsoBiffhus_skarven_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Skarvens Biffhus

Strandtorget 1, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. +47 77 60 07 20

A popular restaurant located beside Vertshuset Skarven serving beef, lamb, pork, mutton, kid and chicken (fully licensed)

  lotus_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromsolotus_restaurant_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Lotus Mat- og Vinhus

Sjøgata 39, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. +47 77 65 55 55

Lotus is a restaurant on the pier with great views. Known for sushi dishes. In addition, Lotus's own exciting menu based on Japanese and Chinese cuisines.

  Compagniet_ami hotel-hotell-TromsoCompagniet_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Compagniet Restauration

Sjøgata 12, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. +47 77 66 42 22

Compagniet has the great pleasure of welcoming you to our venerable premises. Sure, we have replaced the wallpaper and the carpets are not the original ones, but we have been able to retain the original atmosphere and the original proprietors keep watch from their portraits mounted on the wall.


  Emmasdrommekjokken_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-TromsoEmmasdrommekjokken_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Emmas Drømmekjøkken

Kirkegata 8, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. +47 77 63 77 30

Welcome to our intimate restaurant and try our many temptations. We hope you will forget the everyday hustle and bustle, join us on a ”dream journey” and let Emma’s dreams stimulate your senses.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday from 6pm, Sunday closed
Reservations: +47 77 63 77 30

Our opening hours are flexible for special occasions – please ring us for more information.

  Brasseriet_Rica_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso Brasseriet_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Fredrik Langesgate 2, Rica Ishavshotel
Phone. 77 66 64 00

Restaurant Brasseriet is located at Rica Ishavshotel overlooking the Tromsø Bridge, harbour and Arctic Cathedral. This is the place to taste traditional North Norwegian dishes..

  Astro_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Sjøgata 19/21, Clarion Hotel Bryggen

Located in the new Clarion Hotel Bryggen on the quayside, serving lunch, light meals and an à la carte menu

  Fjellstua_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso Fjellstua_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Sollivegen 12, 9020 Tromsdalen
Phone. 77 63 86 55

In four minutes, the cable car can take you 420 m above sea level. Fjellstua serves everything from hot and cold lunch dishes and the dinner of the day to catering for large groups and functions. Fjellstua is also ideal for meetings and conferences, is the ideal place to celebrate all types of gatherings, both business and personal events. Welcome to a pleasant visit up on the mountain.

  Thaihouse_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso Thaihouse_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Thai House Restaurant

Storgata 22
Phone. 77 67 05 26

We at Thai House Restaurant wish to welcome you to authentic and traditional Thai cuisine prepared by our chef Natthawat (Louis). We now serve lunch too.

  Pelikanen_scandic_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Pelikanen Restaurant

Heiloveien 23, Scandic Hotel Tromsø
Phone. 77 75 50 00

Nordic restaurant at Scandic Hotel.

  Arctandria_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso Arctandria_sjomatrestaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Sjømatrestauranten Arctandria

Phone. 77 60 07 20

Seafood restaurant serving delicacies such as whale, seal, fish and shellfish (fully licensed)

  De4Roser_front_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso De4Roser_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

De 4 Roser

Grønnegata 38-46 (Grand intersection, 9008 Tromsø)

Phone. +47 920 40 444

Our slogan is a French-Italian  joy of food with North Norwegian temperament.
We get great joy from using local suppliers and ingredients.
We have fulfilled our dream of creating a vibrant restaurant with many options.

Bon appetite!

  allegro_pizzeria_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Allegro Pizzaria

Turistveien 19
Phone. 77 68 80 71

Is there anything cosier than sitting at a restaurant with candles on the table and watch your meal slowly rising in a birch-fired stone oven?

Allegro Restaurant is not just a pizzeria, even though pizza accounts for a large proportion of our menu. There is a strong Italian flavour in the dishes we serve, in addition to a couple of Mexican beef dishes.

Pizzas baked in a stone oven have a characteristic good taste – varied menu!

  yonas_pizzeria_ami hotel-hotell-Tromsoyonas_pizza_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Yonas pizzeria & catering

Sjøgata 7, Radisson SAS Hotel
Phone. 77 66 66 66

It’s your choice whether you dine at Yonas or order home delivery!

Yonas recommends...
Yonas' most famous pizza has for a long time been Taco and Hot Taco. Delicious Italian meat sauce, Chinese cabbage and our “secret” dressing have proven to be a winning combination.

  dolly_dimples_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Dolly Dimple`s Jekta

Heiloveien 19
Tlf. 0 44 40
Dolly Dimples

Pizza chain with dine-in and home delivery

  peppes_pizza_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso peppes_pizza_inng_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Peppes Pizza

Stortorget 2
Phone. 2222 5555
Peppes Pizza

Pizza chain with dine-in and home delivery

  egon_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Egon Tromsø

Storgata 50
Phone. 77 75 17 35

Egon Tromsø is situated at Storgata 50. The restaurant seats 270 indoors and in time we will offer outdoor seating for 30 guests facing Grønnegata. Egon Tromsø has exactly the same menu as all the other Egon restaurants throughout Norway with more than 90 dishes to choose between. Egon Tromsø has a close collaboration with Thon Hotell Polar. Egon is responsible for the hotel’s breakfast service.

Bars, pubs and cafés

  tromso_jernbanestasjon_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Tromsø Jernbanestasjon

Strandgata 33, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 61 23 48
webpage fb

Tromsø Railway station is a club in Tromso, and established himself early as a cool place because of its completed thematic decor, especially since there is no train to Tromsø. Here, waiters in conductor uniforms and reported regularly trains to places like Kautokeino and Murmansk over the speakers. All rights and many beer varieties.

  aunegaarden_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso aunegaarden_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Sjøgata 29
Phone. 77 65 12 34

Café/restaurant serving good food in a listed building dating from 1860. Welcome to venerable Aunegården, serving you good food and beverages in one of the best preserved historic buildings in Tromsø.
Food has been prepared here for more than 130 years, and we are proud to continue this tradition. Today we serve our guests food with a taste of Northern Norway.


  artur_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Artur Coctailbar

Storgata 57,9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 64 79 85


  blarock_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Blå Rock

Strandgata 14/16
Phone. 77 61 00 20

Blå Rock is Tromsø’s reaction to the yuppie era, a rock ’n roll venue for music enthusiasts with the city’s largest selection of beer.
Unique architecture with many small sections spread over several levels with rock ’n roll relics from around the world, including autographed guitars and photos by celebrities like the Rolling Stones, R.E.M., Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, and even a signed photo of Elvis!
Active concert stage, the city’s toughest juke box and rock ‘n roll DJ in the weekend

We serve the city’s best burgers!


  circa_kafèogbar_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Circa Cafè og Bar

Storgata 36,9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 68 10 20


  flyt_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Cafè Flyt

Sjøgata 25
Phone. 77 69 68 00

Extreme sport environment, hearty burgers and great music

  galleiet_bar_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Galleriet Bar

Fr. Langesgate 2
Phone. +47 77 66 64 00
Info-omtale på Tromsoby.no

A piano bar upstairs at Rica Ishavshotel


  globus_kafe_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Globus Kafè

Strandveien 96, 9006 TROMSØ
Phone. 77 78 82 95

Globus Kafé provides a unique opportunity to taste food from the whole world, with the main focus on dishes from Africa.

As a guest at our exciting café, you have the opportunity to sample dishes that you won’t find at other places in Tromsø. You may also hire a function venue and we provide a catering service.

  grandbar_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Grand Bar

Storgata 44, Grand hotellet
Phone. 77 75 37 64

Grand Bar has an 80s theme with good music, an exciting selection of drinks and staff who know how to create activity, contact and a pleasant atmosphere.

  grunder_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Storgata 44, Grand hotellet
Phone. 77 75 37 67

Tromsø’s trendiest eatery and bar. The name means entrepreneur, which is reflected in the new ideas and innovation in combination with excellent service.

The concept involves innovative, delicious and affordable dishes, efficient lunch and dinner service and a high activity and party level in the evenings. The menus are specially developed and we recommend that you try one of our refreshing cocktails and drinks.

  hansens_spisebord_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Hansens Spisebord

Storgata 89, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 66 61 55


  il_mare_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Il Mare

Stortorget 2 (Norges Råfisklag), 9006 TROMSØ
Phone. 77 68 96 66

Sushi restaurant with a laid back atmosphere and Asian-inspired style, chill out music, pleasant service and good prices

  kaffebonna_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso kaffebonna_strandtorget_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Kaffebønna v/Stortorget og Strandtorget

Stortorget 3 og Strandtorget 1
Phone. 77 63 94 00

Tromsø’s first and best known coffee bar is extremely central, with branches on both Strandtorget and Stortorget.
Our motto is that we shall make the world’s best coffee!
Do we achieve that? You be the judge. Welcome!

  location_coffee_fokus_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso location_coffee_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Location Coffee

C/O Fokus Kino, Grønngata 100
Phone. 45 28 27 97

Café located at the Fokus Kino (cinema)

  meieriet_restaurant_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Meieriet Restaurant

Grønnegata 37/39
Phone. 77 61 36 39

Meieriet is Tromsø’s largest café and bar – that is “always” open.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served daily from 10am.

In the evening, we have two bars, full liquor licence and a great atmosphere!

  på_byen_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

No 24

Strandgata 24, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 65 85 20

Café/bar/pub, light meals, lunch and dinner

  paletten_coffee_fokus_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Storgata 51, 9008 Tromø
Phone. 77 68 05 10

Café, bar/pub

  perez_coffee_fokus_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Skippergata 6A,9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 68 49 00

Café, bar/pub, interior from the old Fokus Kino

  solid_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Storgata 73, 9008 Tromsø
Phone. 77 61 54 00

Café, bar/pub

  studenthuset_driv_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Studenthuset driv

Søndre Tollbodg. 3 B
Phone. 77 60 07 76

Café, bar/pub, discotheque
Driv opened on April 1, 2000 and is open seven days a week. This student house covers 2500 sqm spread over four levels.

Driv has three stages:
* Haakonscene (ground/1st floor, capacity 600)
* Vørterscene (3rd floor, capacity 300)
* Bayerscene (small café stage)

The frequency of concerts at Driv rates right up there with the best in Norway.

  verdensteateret_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso


Storgata 93 b, Tromsø
Phone. 77 61 26 00

Café, bar/pub
Verdensteateret is Norway’s oldest municipal cinema that was built for this purpose and still operates as a cinema. This is one of Tromsø’s cultural heritage pearls.

  victoria_fun_pub_ami hotel-hotell-Tromso

Victoria Fun Pub

Grønnegata 81
Phone. 77 68 49 06

Fully licensed sports and piano bar

All televised football matches are shown here.

Web TV of all Tromsø’s Premier League matches

Pool tables and dart boards

Good pianists create a good after match atmosphere – and we have new pianists every month!



Phone. xxxxxxxxxx

If somewhere has been forgotten,  please send us an e-mail!

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