If your trip to Tromsø means that you want to see the beautiful light phenomenon of the northern lights, Arctic Circle Tours, which is part of Ami Hotel, offers you guided tours, in a comfortable Caravelle 4WD with room for 7 passengers + driver, and a exclusive Mercedes mini bus with room for 15 passengers. We go to great lengths to make your Northern Lights dream come true.

While we are chasing for the northern lights, we make bonfire and serve hot soup and snacks that can be enjoyed with a hot drink. Our guide tells you facts and myths about the northern lights. We will be happy to take a portrait of you under the beautiful northern lights if the opportunity arises, this at no extra charge. If you want to take a picture of the northern lights with your own camera, we will be happy to help you.


As a guest at Ami Hotel, you get a 10% discount on your Northern Lights tour. Use the promo code from the booking confirmation from Ami Hotel.

The Northern lights/ Aurora Borealis is a fantastic natural light phenomenon which occurs when energised particles are released from the sun and travel towards the earth.

It occurs in the polar atmosphere, approximately 80-500 km above the earth’s surface, when the energised particles collide with various atmospheric gasses.


The Northern Lights appear in the sky in many formations and colours, with green being most common.


We are dedicated to making your dream come true and will gladly drive on a long tour to ensure you have the best experience. We take the tour to the border of Finland if needed, to ensure you a good experience. 

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infoskilt i hånd ikon

Info about the Northern Lights Tour

Our tour starts at 18.00 from Ami Hotel, Skolegata 24. If your accommodation is within Tromsø city centre, we can arrange to pick you up. If your accommodation is outside Tromsø city centre then you then please meet at Ami Hotel, Skolegata 24, 9008 Tromsø (Call the doorbell)

Meeting time 17:45 at Ami Hotel, where you will be provided with warm clothing.

Our tour will be between 5-8 hours, normally arriving back to Tromsø after midnight.


Guide (English-Norwegian speaking), transport, warm clothes, Hot chocolate, coffee, biscuits, hot soup and hot sausages on a fire, Help to take pictures with your own camera. Portrait of you under the northern lights if we get the chance.

Must have:

Your passport if there is a trip across the border to Finland. Hat, mittens and warm underwear. Camera or phone camera.


5-8 Hours, depending on weather/Aurora. Back most often before 01:00.

Number of participants:

Max 7 participants, bigger group please contact us.

Departure time:

18:00 – Meeting time 17:45

Departure point:

Ami Hotel, Skolegata 24, 9008 Tromsø


Prices for the various days appear in the booking-calendar


The trip is paid for by card when booking online. By booking the trip in our contact form, telephone, e-mail, or by attending in person, payment can be made at our card terminal.

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